Junkanoo Fest 2022 by Conch Pearl Entertainment 242

Junkanoo Fest 2022 by Conch Pearl Entertainment 242 was pitched to be a quarter of a million dollar project, and it could have been successful if marketed and promoted in time. Despite the lack of promotion, promoters worked hard with what they had available. Unfortunately, turnout at the event was low; however those that attended showed their appreciation for such an offering in the South Florida market. Many Bahamian expats traveled hours just to experience their native culture - something many hadn't experienced since arriving in America over 30-50 years ago. As we celebrate Bahamas' Golden Jubilee Independence this year, Agency,PlayMas.Today and Major Vision Productions (a sub-contracted visual communications company) are releasing images captured from Junkanoo Fest 2022 due to default payment on behalf of Conch Pearl Entertainment 242 as they retain intellectual property rights over them.

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